1.  Define the date of your party / event.   You will want to give as much notice as possible

2.  Select the style of moonwalk (please have primary and secondary choice as we do sell out)

3.  Check the designated area for the moonwalk to ensure it will fit and is clear of any overhead obstructions and has power.

4.  Contact Fort Wayne Moonwalks at (260) 484 - 4386

5.  Provide your name, address, address for unit (if different), date of event, and choice of moonwalk

6.  Normal delivery time is 6am to noon.  Please ensure a responsible person can be there for us to review the rules.

      We will do our best to accommodate times outside this window

7.  Time you would like the unit picked-up (normal pick-up is 8pm to 11pm)

     We will do our best to accommodate times outside this window.  On heavy rental days we may be later then 11pm.

8.  Surface the unit will be set-up on (grass is preferred).   Gravel may require an additional charge.

9.   Pay the $75 deposit to reserve the moonwalk - we can take credit / debit via phone or come in for cash / money order.

      Reminder - balance is due at or prior to delivery.

* Reminder that delivery is FREE in Fort Wayne and some surrounding areas.

Your Moonwalk is reserved and ready for the big day!!



DEPOSIT:     We require a $50 non refundable deposit to reserve each rental for your event.  This deposit is subtracted from your total balance which is due upon delivery and prior to set-up of the moonwalk.  All deposits are non refundable; however, in the event of weather or other delay the deposit may be used towards a rescheduled date.  Rescheduled date must be within one calendar year of original date.  We accept deposits  via cash, money order, or credit/debit card.

Payment:   Payment must be made in full at or prior to delivery.  The moonwalk will not be set-up until such full payment has been made.  Acceptable forms of payment are:  cash, credit / debit, or money order.

Weather Policy:   If it is raining the morning of the scheduled delivery we will not start deliveries until the rain has stopped.  Safety is always first when it comes to our moonwalk rentals.   Rain can be a hazard due to slippages and electrical shock near the blower.  High winds would also be a hazard to the moonwalk.  High winds are potentially hazardous due to the inflatable blowing over with children or others inside.  As inclimate weather is beyond our control, we do recommend that you have an alternate indoor location for your party.  If not, you must contact us prior to delivery of the bounce house to cancel or reschedule the unit.  If you do not receive the unit due to inclement weather there are no discounts available.  Once the moonwalk rental has been set-up you are responsible for the full amount of the rental.  We do reserve the right to cancel your rental if severe weather exists or is predicted during the time of your rental;  however, your deposit is still non renfundable and per above can be utilized to reschedule.

Delivery:    Our price includes FREE delivery to Fort Wayne and some surrounding areas.  A delivery outside of this area will require a delivery fee - please contact us for a reasonable estimate. 

Safety and Damage Avoidance:    Again, safety is always first when it comes to children and other jumpers.  All inflatables must be supervised by an adult and each unit should have its own supervisor.  Absolutely no somersaults, rough housing, or flips allowed.  No hanging onto, rocking on, or sitting on the edge of inflatables as injuries can occur.  No sharp objects in, on, or around the unit.  Fireworks and silly string are stictly prohibited near or in the units.  No candy, gum, food, smoking, or other liquid is allowed in or around the moonwalk.  Please do not put any liquids on our inflatables (except water for the water slide unit).   All children must remove their shoes and any jewelry prior to entering into or climbing on the inflatable.  Remember all damage is your responsiblity.   We also reserve the right to impose a minimum $50 cleaning fee if the unit at pick-up time is excessively dirty or liquids were utilized.

Emergency Procedure:  This is strictly a guide.  Please use common sense and / or a preplanned emergency plan.

     1.  Weather -  Bad weather can arrive in the for of rain, lightning, or strong winds.  In each case, you will need to evacuate the inflatable as quickly and orderly as possible.  Stay calm and stay focused on your job which is to assist all of your guests safely out of and away from the moonwalk.  After everyone has exited the moonwalk, deflate the unit by turning off the blower and opening the air in/outlets.   This will cause the unit to deflate faster.  Moonwalks should be folded over once to protect the interior. 

   2.  Loss of Electrical Power -  This situation tends to cause panic.  Please remain calm as each person will have ample time to exit the unit.  Please again, assist your guests in exiting the unit orderly.  Check to see if the unit has become unplugged from the outlet, blower turned off, breaker trip, or if power has been lost to the area.  Once the power has returned, turn on the blower and reinflate the unit.  Jumpers can re-enter the unit upon inflation.

    3.  Damage:  If the unit becomes damaged in any way please discontinue use of the unit.  The unit should be deflated and Tokens-N-Tickets contacted immediately.  Write down what happened, when it happened, how it happened, and any other details that you are aware of.  Do not continue to operate the unit.

Capacity For Moonwalks:  Capacity for Moonwalks will vary depending upon the style of moonwalk.  Each unit will have a weight rating and number of jumpers.   Please keep in mind that same age groups should jump together.  Smaller children should never be jumping with bigger / older children due to risk of injury.


1.   Ensure that the unit you select will fit in the designated area - Length, width, and height.

2.  Clear of branches, power lines, fences, inclines, and any other obstructions.

3.  Advise the surface the inflatable will be set-up on (grass is preferred, asphalt, concrete, gravel)

4.  A standard 115V outlet is required and must be within 100ft of designated area for operation.  Suitable generators can also be utilized.


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